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Follett Corporation: Aspen SIS & State Reporting


Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data. Aspen SIS safely and securely stores data like class schedules, school events, student performance, athletic eligibility, individual health records, and much more. Aspen thus eliminates the need for multiple databases and streamlines the process of reporting student data, creating instructional plans, and applying state-specific guidelines. When used alongside our other technology solutions and services, Aspen further promotes accountability and relieves your staff’s burden when it comes to organizing student and curriculum data. Aspen comes with nearly 200 standard reports. Each page in the system has a Reports menu from which users can select context-specific reports. Aspen also includes a framework for supporting state reporting requirements. The system extracts data from the live database for state reports and can create a single extract for all schools in your district. Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a cost-effective, convenient, and powerful resource for staff, students, and parents

• New features development

• State reporting implementation per district/state requirements

• Integration with external systems

• IEP integration and reporting

• IMS subsystem implementation and support

• Java 7 & J2EE

• Jasper reports

• Apache Struts

• Tomcat servlet container

• Apache OJB framework

• JavaScript

• SQL (various rdbms)

Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU): FIS


CSIU Financial Information System work together seamlessly to give you maximum flexibility and control over all aspects of financial record keeping and reporting. Each financial application looks and functions in a similar manner and provides a straightforward user interface. Links between each application allow all money spent, received or transferred to be maintained in a common database, while our security system allows you to have extensive control over the data. CSIU Financial Information System (Employee Portal) is an Intranet website hosted by your district that empowers your staff and reduces the number of inquiries to the Human Resources (HR)/payroll office. The website structure includes a number of valuable features, including a Message Center, Pay History Review, Absence Requests/Approval, and electronic timesheet data entry—including supervisor approval prior to reaching the payroll administrator.

• HR Module

• HR-Payroll/Payroll modules

• Absence sub-module

• Substitutes sub-module

• Continuing education sub-module

• Insurance sub-module

• Salaries & Budgets sub-module

• Staff Professional sub-module

• Staff Reporting sub-module

• .NET Framework 4.5


• JavaScript (ExtJS framework; jQuery)

• MS SQL 2014

• SSRS (stored procedures as datasources)

• Team Foundation Server

Iowa AEA: Iowa Library Portal


Iowa Library project allow easy access to school media resources acquired from heterogeneous vendors. With flexible federated search solution inside, that allow to keep actual list of media resources and distribute it across according policies defined. It allow to flexible collaboration between students and teachers using notes/quotes and discussion boards. Have support for various bibliographic and cataloging formats that makes vendors metadata integration with less efforts. It can easily utilize as raw file format sources same as direct metadata API. To facilitate school student management system integration Iowa Library project developed with Schools Interoperability Framework in mind. Iowa Library portal have own reader application that allow students and teachers to read any content (most popular media formats supported) on any device (mobile and web version available). It makes easy access to educational information whenever you are. You can listen audio books, watch video content, read your books together with supplemental services like translations/text-to-speech/bookmarks/notes/quotes and overall collaboration. For teachers it allow flexible and easy interface to prepare and distribute learning material across classes and keep on track how students progresses on learning. Vendors, that integrate their resources have possibility (via API) to receive timely feedback about resources usage. That allow better control and make direct insights across material distributed.

• Design and high level product architecture

• Functional and non-functional requirements development

• Product development

• Product maintenance

• Java 8

• Dropwizard lightweight framework

• Hibernate orm

• JavaScript (SPA based on Angular JS framework)

• 3rd party services (Google Translate; Amazon Polly; etc)

Pathalyst & MindShine Transport Project


Special Needs routing is one of the most complex routing problems in the transportation industry as a whole. Last year we have launched a pilot program for the optimization of special needs routes with several participating districts. Nearly 20 districts of various size and geography have participated in the optimization studies. During each study, we have created a set of routes that were 100% compliant with district rules, bell schedules and policies.

• Design and high level product architecture

• Functional and non-functional requirements development

• Product development

• .Net Framework WPF

• ESRI framework

• Google geo API

• Yahoo geo API

• Google Maps

• Java 8

• Dropwizard framework

• Hibernate ORM

• JavaScript (AngularJS)

CESA6 Seed4Schools


The Special Education Electronic Data System (SEEDS®), part of the 4Schools suite, is a robust web-based application that makes IEP record keeping accurate and easy. SEEDS4Schools is the smart way to create and manage IEPs, complete state and federal forms, file School Based Services (SBS) reimbursement requests, and create and manage class lists. SEEDS4Schools provides the support you need when you need it. It is built by school districts, for school districts. User suggestions help us continually improve the product.

• Develop external API for student information integration

• Node.js

• Restify


Nebraska: Student Records System (SRS)


Student Records System (SRS) is an online special education record keeping system. It creates all special education documents required by Rule 51, including IEP, MDT, IFSP, and all required notices. The SRS is a highly secured system that organizes and stores documents and provides easy access to files from anywhere via the internet. While students and teachers are tired of testing, teachers are required to test in more courses than ever — and are evaluated upon those results. Unify is a collaborative technology platform for the development, review and administration of quality assessment content. With it, teachers anywhere in the world can log in to author, review, and administer assessments that help energize learning. Users can analyze student and educator data from multiple sources, and act on that information with resources that improve teaching and learning. Teachers within a district — or across multiple districts or states — can pool their resources and work together to create and share assessment content. This not only engages teachers in the assessment process, but it makes the mass development of high quality items and assessments economical. It also provides educators with immediate access to thousands of assessment items across hundreds of courses. This collaborative solution dramatically reduces the rising costs associated with demands to assess students in all content areas, while providing educators with actionable data to make decisions that improve student learning.

• Rework legacy solution to Zend framework

• Rework UI using jQuery


• Zend framework

• JavaScript (jQuery)

• PostgreSQL

HERO Education services


HERO Education delivers an automated data dashboard and early warning system for school districts. These systems allow school personnel in easily extract and analyze district and school-wide discipline data necessary for identifying Universal (Tier 1) behavioral trends, and individual students who may require formal, tiered behavioral supports. These automated tools may be used by school administrators, Response to Intervention (RtI) Teams, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Teams and other school-based teams (e.g., Teacher Support Teams, Student Assistance Teams) and other school personnel.

• ETL jobs development

• Dashboard development

• Reference data entry forms development

• IEP forms development

• System maintenance

• Pentaho BI

• CTools

• Saiku Analytics

• Pentaho Data Integration


• JavaScript/HTML

OpenCV prototype for image recognition


Application prototype with image recognition and tracking capabilities for further integration with education applications (for example into learning management systems). General use case allow user to make image links, that can be recognized and show related content (for example some video or web page about related object).

• Design and develop application prototype

• OpenCV framework (for object detection/tracking/segmentation algorithms)

• .NET Framework 4.5 (for server API implementation)

• Xamarin (for mobile app development)

• Java/C++ (experiments with various algorithms)

SAM Spectra AIM


Spectra A.I.M. on iOS brings all the functionality of A.I.M. found in your SAM Spectra student information system to your iOS device. Just as users can do within SAM Spectra, parents and employees can be sent text messages, phone calls (both recorded and text-to-speech), and emails. Voice messages can be recorded from directly within this iOS app, eliminating the need to record the message over a separate phone call. Users can generate a list of students and employees from within the app to ensure that only the intended recipients receive the alert. For users with a TouchID-enabled device, TouchID can be used to login to the app for quicker accessibility in emergency situations.

• Application development

• Java7


• Apache HttpClient

• Google JSON

• Android Studio

• Genymotion

AESA Event-Management System


AESA Event Management System is designed to help to streamline events for both the event organizers and attendees, to make the event-management process convenient, speedy and user-friendly, to monitor the registration process, in order to apply the event promotion tools at the appropriate timeframe, to allow the users to handle the event registration with the ease of use, to generate the event reports and analyze the event data, in order to take the outcome into consideration for the upcoming and future events.

• Application development

• Java8 J2EE

• Spring

• Hibernate


• Liquibase


• Angular4 Material


• Bootstrap Grid